Fresh back from Segwaying the frontier for photo frames

Yes I admit it, I got up bright and early as usual, took my pills and slept in until 8am and then got up to go make the rounds looking for mythical $99 TouchPad’s. I did Staples, I did Sears, I did Officemax, I did RadioShack and I finished up the morning at OfficeDepot.

At each location I met staff that winced when I asked about the TouchPad’s “All sold out”. Yes, today is going to be a hellish day as folks keep calling and dropping by looking for a $99 photo frame.

I lingered at OfficeDepot and thus they got me with what is going to go down and one of the best loss leader sales of American Corporate history. HP is picking up the tab for the 4 or 5 tabs each store had in stock and those cheap tabs are going to lure in customers all day long with people wondering “Hey, I wonder if anyone tried this store?”

In my case I’ve been looking to upgrade my home printer situation so I wondered through the HP printer aisle. I found the printer I wanted but alas OfficeDepot had it on “delivery only”. Darn!

I wondered over to the paper area and found BOGO on HP 80lb advanced photo paper in all the sizes. Well gosh darn I did get a heck of a HP deal after all.

I also scored a Googlerola In Car Hands Free kit for 20 cents on the dollar in the clearance aisle. I’ll be giving that to a friend as a gift not mounting it on the Segway. Although maybe I should mount it on the Segway? Hmmm!

Best Buy has extended the return period to 60 days on the TouchPad. I figure I give them a couple more days and they may turn that into a 60 day price match and let me keep the one I got there for $99. Either way I’ve got a discount coming.

Now its up to Amazon to see what they’re going to do. Return? Price Match? I hope they do something as my ass is still stinging over the way they handled the TouchPad pre-order.

By the way? The iPad 2 went with me and I used it for real time updates during my morning sojourn. Weather was fantastic and I had on my shorts and short sleeves and let my long hair stream behind me in the breeze at 12.5 MPH! 🙂


UPDATE: HP has apparently done as I hoped. If you bought directly from HP you should now call them and they will offer you a full refund or let you keep your unit for the firesale price (with $10 thrown in for sales tax difference). They have apparently also directed their retail channel partners to offer the same terms to their customers. So in a couple days I should be able to contact Best Buy and Amazon and get some $$$ back.

At $99 they’ll make decent photo frames so I’ll probably opt to keep both of them and load photos on them and position them around the home. One of my better obsolete hardware resolutions. 🙂

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