TouchPad as an Instamatic Camera

I had bought the Camera application for the touchpad as a joke app to clown around with friends and strangers. To use it you had to basically face away from the scene you wished to record and then aim the web camera over your shoulder using the touchpad’s screen to aim/frame/compose your shot. Then when you were happy with the image you would touch the on screen shutter button to record the image.

Today though the update mechanism coughed up an update to the app that lets you use the volume keys as the shutter release. Using this involves aiming the screen of the touchpad at your subject and then pressing one of the volume keys with your index finger. How do you aim it? Well so far you need the cooperation of your subject.

I tried it out on Cleo and she thought it was fantastic. You could tell when you were aimed correctly because she became intensely focused on the “other cat” you were showing her.

Picture quality is roughly the same as I got from Kodak 126 film and an instamatic camera back in the 70’s.

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