The Big Redoski Part Trois

First we had the soft launch.

Then we had the hard launch.

Now I guess we have the holy shit these things really aren’t selling launch.

I haven’t seen any sales figures for the HP TouchPad but I think it’s pretty clear from the extreme across the board discounting this weekend that things are not going well.

Now in addition to my discontent over what a poor device HP sold to me I can now add discontent over the device not even being 30 days old and now being discounted by close to 20% in places.

Plus I think it’s pretty clear that the promised stabilization update isn’t going to make it by the end of July either.

But wait, then we have the leaked photos of the Fat Pad, with a rumor that it will be released by at&t next month.

My question for HP.

Since you’ve now clearly realized that the HP TouchPad isn’t selling do you really think it isn’t selling due to a lack of FLASH storage and at&t HSPA radio? Are you really going to launch the Kin of Tablets only to have to yank it off the shelves or heavily discount it by Labor Day?

The Pre 3 at least can be used as a phone. The HP TouchPad pretty much winds up being a desk clock, a very expensive desk clock.

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