Dirty Pad and I watch Forbidden Planet on the bus to work

Yes, it’s true: the HP MovieStore is finally here. I eagerly ripped the wrapping off this morning right after I rolled out of bed and found Forbidden Planet waiting inside. I purchased it and then eagerly waited for it to download.

Five minutes later I realized that despite my 50Mbps Comcast and the early 5:15am hour it was going to take nearly an hour to download. I leave for work at 6:15 so this was going to be tight.

Sure enough, 6:11 am it finished downloading just in time for me to leave for the bus.

The WebOS platform’s issues with web download performance seem to be alive on the HP TouchPad. 😦

For comparison, Forbidden Planet downloaded to the iPad 2 from the Apple store in 15 minutes.

Roxio got their hands on a very clean print and did a good job on the transfer. Amazingly Dirty Pad didn’t stutter or stammer once during playback. Which gives me hope that HP can release an improved Music Player.

What more can I say? I paid $10 to have Forbidden Planet on the most powerful Tablet in existence and unlike the iPad 2 I can’t plug in  my big screen. But I can hold the 9.7″ screen really close and ignore the lack of color saturation and contrast. HP claimed they bought an IPS screen but they must have gotten the screens Apple didn’t want because the blacks are not iPad black.

It effectively killed the ride to and from work today so today was a good day with Dirty Pad.

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