The Big Redoski

I’m writing from the waiting area at the downtown Seattle Flagship store. It’s hard times for Slate. His inability to actually achieve 4G and Dirty Pads constant taunting of Sam Slade (resulting in needing to reboot him twice a day) has driven me to get a Mifi to establish high speed peace.

Which is my way of saying Honeycomb is worse to me than WebOS.

Hopefully Dirty Pad and the Mifi get along. In the short term I won’t be missing phone calls.

The Mifi is selling well here in Seattle. They were out and I sit here pounding in this post via iPad 2 and Sam Slade. T mobile is fetching one from up north. It is supposed to be here any minute.

While I waited I checked on the “Real Launch” today. Indeed every Staples store within 20 miles had 32GB units in stock. No 16Gb units.

All the Office Depots had limited stock of 16GB and 32GB units. Except the store closest to Microsoft, it had normal stock levels of the 32GB unit.

I drifted into a Staples and an Office Depot before coming back to T mobile.

Ah, the unit is here, waiting for sales person to free up, do I need a water? Love these guys!

The Office Depot was picked clean. They had one cover and one charger left.

The Staples was stocked with 32GB and all accessories.

Considering the Office Depot computer said that store had limited stock I’m not calling it and Apple style blow out.

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