The Big Redoski Part Deux

Today wasn’t just a Redoski for HP’s TouchPad.

The G-Slate is off in the corner weeping quietly, it’s SIM card has been taken from it because it couldn’t really do 4G and it’s ego is crushed.

The T-Mobile Flagship store no longer carries slates: any slates, from anyone.

Dirty Pad is chortling about Slate’s fall from grace as he quietly slurps Kindle books into his freshly updated Kindle app. Yes, I got one Unicorn today.

Still no Sign of the HP Movie Store but the night is yet young. I got five other application updates today so it was fresh bits all over today for the HP TouchPad community.

The Mifi sucks milk from the Nook’s USB brick using the HP TouchPad’s USB cable to fill its battery’s belly for the first time.

And the Mifi was an IQ test.

So I can buy this for $79 on a 2 year contract?

Yes sir.

But $50 of that is a rebate, so I have to pay $129 today?

Yes sir.

Is that the same kind of update as the $100 I didn’t get for this Galaxy S 4G and this G-Slate?

Uh, you didn’t get those rebates?

OK, so no rebate then. But I can buy it with no contract for $149?

Uh, you should have gotten those rebates but yes, $149.

I’ll take the $149 model.

The HP TouchPad Kindle app is sluggish but then I have 1982 ebooks in  my online collection. Perhaps I have too many ebooks? Nah, the iPad 2, Kindles et all all handle it…

There were no sales people at the Staples nor the Office Depot. They each had one HP TouchPad out on demo with no one around. The demo app supplied by HP was less than impressive to me. It was easy to kill and get back to WebOS to check for the Kindle and HP Movie Store apps. Zilch.

Maybe they’ll get a memo to update the Kindle app and put some books into it.

And the final Redoski of the day: Borders is no more. I stopped by the downtown Seattle store as well this afternoon and while they wouldn’t admit it: they were all out of a job and you could see it in their eyes. The big blow out sales is expected to start Friday.

I really don’t know what I’d go there to buy on blow out, which I guess is part of why they’re on blow out sale eh? Discs, books, paper magazines: they’re all dead.

I hold in my hands the most powerful Tablet in existence… maybe tomorrow it will get Zinio. That would make tomorrow a good day.


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