The Official Launch is Monday (really?)

The spin HP is putting on the flop that was July 1, 2011 for the HP TouchPad launch is that it was actually a “soft launch” and apparently Best Buy failed HP. They’ve learned from it and Monday is going to be the “real launch”.

In particular HP indicated we’d be able to walk into places such as Staples and Office Depot starting Monday and see units on the shelves and enhanced HP TouchPad demo displays with knowledgable sales clerks eager to assist us.

Today I saw a reference to a $50 off coupon from Staples, specifically for the 32GB HP TouchbPad. This got me excited until I noticed it was valid 7/15 through 7/16. It prompted me to check the Staples web site again though and sure enough: zero stock at the 10 stores within 20 miles of my location.

What will HP do Monday? Will the mythical Unicorns be out in force to convince customers to buy? All I know for sure right now is I’m far more excited about the rumored update for the Playbook expected today. I’m supposed to get real time zooming during video playback. Yeah, assistive technology for examining belly buttons on belly dancers from last weekend! Time to go hit “Check for system update” again….

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