Hulu or Powerpoint at the office?

I was standing at a Verizon store last night helping a friend upgrade her Droid to a shiny new white iPhone 4. She was tired of not having her Shape magazine (via Zinio), she was tired of Hulu being available on other Verizon phones and ditto for Netflix.

As we left I reminded her to order an HDMI cable so she could jack her shiny new iPhone 4 into her TV and watch Hulu/Netflix on The Big Screen.

This comment jogged my memory on one of the curious disparities in the Tablet industry.

The HP TouchPad can surf to Hulu and it kinda works. I say kind of because the HP TouchPad is a bit shaky on play back via Flash right now: it’s The King’s Speech TouchPad right now. But Hulu hasn’t blocked it for browser based playback.

The Blackberry Playbook though _is_ blocked. Which is sad because the Playbook has the best implementation of Flash I’ve ever used, anywhere, desktops included. QNX’s multitasking scheduler makes video playback like warm butter no matter what you have going on elsewhere on the Playbook. (if you love WebOS you really should check out a Playbook)

Then I thought of the Android devices that the Hulu app works on and the ones it doesn’t. If I’m not mistaken 100% of the devices it works on have HDMI jacks.

I wish the HP TouchPad had an HDMI jack but now I wonder if HP made a faustian deal with Hulu? No HDMI jack and your browser is left working with Hulu’s web site? Otherwise you’re waiting for an app to be delivered.

That HDMI jack sure would be handy at the office for hooking up Powerpoint presentations to the projector….

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