HP Can we have a “Only show me TouchPad” software switch?

In the HP App Catalog I’d really appreciate it if HP could add a switch to only show software designed for the HP TouchPad. So far I’ve been less than impressed with the HP TouchPad’s emulator for running prior generation WebOS applications.

Most of them are just plain broken or broken in some major way. Take the Amazon Deals app. Sure the main page comes up but click on lightening deals and I get nothing. I get nothing but nothing at that point. I haven’t found any way to get back to the main page. In addition there is no screen doubler button to size the emulator up to use the full screen.

That on top of the lack of accessibility support of any sort makes these apps incredibly difficult for me to read.

So how about it HP? Can you throw in a switch to only show TouchPad apps? I’d add something clever about Apple added that switch to their app store in the first week but …

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