The Dirty Pad Stays Home and another Epic Fail by HP

This morning I was running late and short cuts had to be taken to make the bus on time. One short cut was leaving the Dirty Pad behind.

I missed the Beats audio.

When I got home Dirty Pad was dead as a door nail.

Seems Cleo the Pilfering Cat had noticed the HP TouchPad sitting on it’s dock and nudged it enough to take it off charge. The HP TouchPad then proceeded to eat it’s battery and it had completely shut itself off when I got home 11 hours later.

How can an HP TouchPad with an open email card run it’s battery flat when sitting crooked on it’s dock?

I’ll have to investigate.

Right now though I’m working to charge it’s flat battery. And I’ve made couple discoveries.

The LED notification light located in the button is actually two LED’s. When the unit it turned off due to a flat battery and you press the button it alternately blinks the two LED’s at you to, I assume, let you know it can’t turn on.

Trying to charge it back up to the point where you can start it with the dock is not a matter of a couple minutes. Apparently it wants to see the battery get some level of charge back before it will turn back on.

At this point I’ve escalated to using the USB charging cable to try and get it back to being able to turn on. HP has elected to have it display an empty battery logo with a bit of red at the bottom whilst it charges. This diverts power from charging and so far I haven’t been able to turn it off. The unit completely ignores the power button.

So it you let y our HP TouchPad go flat, you can’t just plug it into the USB cable and use it tethered to the charging brick a few seconds later. Or a few minutes later. In fact I’m still waiting 10 minutes later…

I sorry HP, but I rate this as another Poor Choice on your part. If the battery goes flat I should be able to plug it into the USB power supply and very rapidly get it to power on and return to use while tethered to the supplied HP Power Supply using the supplied HP USB cable. I also think it ironic that the screen is powered up showing me a flat battery, slowing the charging time until I can use the unit again.

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