Dirty Pad’s dock works very well with iPad 2

Whilst the HP TouchPad attempts to gain enough charge on it’s battery to unlock and turn back on via it’s official USB cable and power supply (half hour so far) I had a hole on my desk where the TouchPad had been leaning on it’s dock.

On impulse I put the iPad 2 on it.

Works perfectly! Holds it perfectly security in portrait orientation. Rotate the iPad 2 90 degrees and again: hold it perfectly in landscape!

So there you have it, another iPad 2 accessory for Apple ecosystem: the HP TouchPad dock. Now before you say something like “Hey, it’s $80!” this isn’t just any ol’ leaning stand. It has some very luxiourious synthetic rubber padding to very comfortably pad the back of your iPad 2. I’m pretty impressed, it’s actually one of the better iPad 2 stands I’ve tried.

Plus, you get a 10 watt USB power supply with the dock.

I’ll have to test to see how many watts the iPad 2 will draw from it.

Thanks for the nifty dual use dock HP!

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