Plain Brown Wrapper for Google+

Not a posting directly addressing Tablets but I have an idea for an enhancement to Google+ and I’m putting it up here so I can share it around.

The current proposal is to use an MPAA-esque content rating system to keep children out of things they shouldn’t be into on Google+.

When I joined in the discussion I suggested it was about being able to behave as Responsible Social Sexual Beings when using Google+. My aim wasn’t _just_ at excluding children. It was also to provide a mechanism for excluding other adults.

Starting at the 50,000 foot level and descending there into details…

I propose Google develop a Plain Brown Wrapper Service. This service would be a mashup of DoubleClick and a URL shortening service. It would be accessed via something like!/1234567890123456789 which would wrap up content.

To get to it you would have to pass through Google authentication and thus have a valid Google Profile. The Google Profile would store access Permits into the PBWS. If a requestor already has the needed Permit for 1234567890123456789 they would be fed the content.

In my vision Permits would be much like Google+ circles. In my mind I see paper bags on the screen and you can drop things into Bags you have access to. Once in a Bag that item is wrapped and when you share it in Google+ the URL’s to it are auto-encoded via PBWS.

So how do folks get access to Bags?

Well I see many mechanisms being possible over time.

First would be the simple Yahoo Group style access: self service. You are fed a banner that is entered when the Bag is created and if you agree to the terms of the banner then you are granted the needed Permit on your Google Profile.

You could also have Bags where you need to be Nominated To Join. You are sent a Nomination Email and if you click on the link in the email you are taken to the banner page and agree to the terms for entry.

Bags can require real-time Permits where Bouncers (see below) are used to allow access after inspecting a requestors Google Profile.

You could also commercialize this service in several ways.

Bags could come with a variety of Cover Charges for access with access fees collected via Google Market. Bags could come with Subscription Charges for access with fees again being collected via Google Market.

The system could also implement Press Permits to allow “press” access for review purposes.


I see the system having a Bouncer Permit. To get this Permit you would have to apply and provide references from Bouncer Permit holders. Holders of a Bouncer Permit have the ability to apply several Bans to Google Profiles.

A Ban can be a time interval banishment, a permanent banishment and a Nomination for Global Ban.

Bag Owners are responsible for maintaining a list of authorized Bouncers for that Bag.

Global Bans are considered by some group TBD that would function to protect the community from those that refuse to behave in a civil and respectful manner.

Please feel free to comment, I’m happy to feed WordPress gold for more storage. 🙂

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