To create a faster dock charge

One other burst hope for the HP TouchPad was the dock.

For $80 it costs the same as the dock for a Blackberry Playbook. The Blackberry Playbook dock uses a magnet to guide the Playbook down onto a set of pins to provide power to re-charge the device. It seems wireless even though technically it’s making copper to copper contact to do the charging. It provides 24 watts of charging current and can put a respectable amount of charge in to the Playbook’s 21WHr battery pretty quickly.

Perfect for pushing power into it between meetings in a corporate environment.

The HP TouchPad dock comes with another of the 10 watt power supplies that came with the HP TouchPad. But alas it charges at half the rate of the power supply being plugged straight into the device.

But then I noticed something: I was turning the Dirty Pad off when I plugged it directly into the wall. (mostly to keep Cleo the cat that hangs out with me and eats all my cat food from dancing on it)

Hmm, a turned off Dirty Pad uses no energy to drive the screen and puts that energy into charging the battery.

And sure enough the Dirty Pad does charge faster on the dock when you turn it off.

But imagine if, in addition to not having to make the intuitive leap to turn it off, you had a couple options looking at you on the screen in exhibition mode…

I’m in a hurry to go somewhere and I need you to recharge as quickly as possible before I grab you and go (with a side order of give me a countdown to how long until you are completely charged).

I’ve got some time, like an hour, do what you can but still give me some exhibition capabilities e.g. dim the screen, pulse the Wifi up/down, shut off some tasks…

You could cook up a few scenarios for basically how much power to share between the HP TouchPad and that going into the battery.

And then add in that this same feature applies to when it’s plugged directly into the power supply e.g. sauce for the goose and gander. (people have commented only the rich have the wireless dock for the Dirty Pad, making mine seem even dirtier in these hard economic times because I bought it a dock)

How about it HP?

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