It’s a barrel full of… cat food.

OK, so how do I tie _that_ caption into the HP TouchPad?

I just read this article about the Royal Newly Weds accepting the donation of two HP TouchPads to a local group to support Skid Row kids.

I Say! HP TouchPad Gets Royal Encounter with William and Kate in L.A.

Today was Segway to the local PetCo and replenish my local stores of cat food that is being constantly pilfered by Cleo. Pilfered? Yeah well the cat broke in one day last year, ate a pound of roast beef, drank a quart of water, pissed all over my bed and hasn’t left since. The cardiologist convinced me having a cat to pet was good for my heart so she’s still here. (note to cardiologist: she’s stopped pissing on the bed)

Anyway, as I’m leaving PetCo and skipping the obligatory can we have your personal information so we can plug you into our corporate database and figure out how to make more money off you speech (well, they phrase that differently) they knocked me out of polite indifference to the needs of their corporate masters by pitching me on free cat food.

“You get two free cans!”

I told them Cleo The Pilfering Cat only eats shredded cat food.

“Well that’s OK, if you want you can put the cat food in that barrel over there!”

I went over to the barrel in question and it was a barrel for the local pet shelter: full of cans of the free cat food.

I dutifully put my two free cans of cat food in the barrel and in the near future 3 or 4 cats that weren’t lucky enough to find the right condo to break into will sit in tiny cages and eat cat food no one would take home to feed their cats.

I hope things go better with the two HP TouchPads being donated in LA.

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