Isn’t there a law about that?

Continuing down the theme of many reasons for the Dirty moniker…

One thing I’m fascinated about is how HP the corporation has changed, and not for the better in my opinion, in the last 30 years.

When I purchased that HP 11c calculator at B. Dalton it did everything it said it would.


If the display materials said the device could add 2 + 2 and get 4, well it sure enough could add 2 + 2 and get 4.

So imagine my surprise sitting at the counter of my diner (reminiscent of the one Harry got his hot dogs in the movie Dirty Harry) breaking into the box (if you ever open one you understand the “breaking into” reference) the future Dirty Pad was ensconced in only to have it update the promoted Kindle app into a non-functional IOU application.

Further inspection revealed the absence of the promised Pivot magazine to regal me with marketing fluff and entice me into inserting my credit card into the HP Application Market to acquire non-tangible assets.

Then Pivot magically showed up many hours later and enticed me into acquiring the free HP Movie Store! My fingers danced through the process of acquiring it as I kept flicking back to inspect the images taken from the movie The Kind’s Speech and some movie involving another Harry.

Imagine my surprise when this turns out to be yet another IOU application instead of the promised The Kind’s Speech!

In the coming days HP would continue to flood my Twitter with URL’s to online HP marketing materials full of flogging for the missing Kindle and Movie applications.

So I ask the blogo-sphere: is it legal to heavily promote features as being available without even a footnote added which says something like (not presently available)? Isn’t that something called deceptive advertising? Isn’t there a law against doing this?

I got a notice in my email a few weeks ago offering me something like $5 for my first generation iPod Nano due to the controversy over it being easy to scratch. Am I going to be getting an offer in a few years for $5 because HP enticed me into buy my HP TouchPad with dreams of it working out of the box with a Kindle app that actually lead me read Kindle books? Will I get another $5 check for HP releasing the Pivot magazine after the device shipped with heavy advertising to go get the HP Movie Store application that didn’t actually contain an HP Movie Store?

Or have I accidentally slipped into an alternate universe where this kind of thing isn’t against the law?

Personally I could care less about the $5 check I just want the promised Kindle and HP Movie Store applications. But I shake my head sadly in thoughts back 30 years ago to a time when HP would deliver what they promised when they promised it.

I’ll shut up now and go have dinner at that diner. (note to my cardiologist: no, I’m not eating hot dogs there like Dirty Harry, it’s a Dirty Pad, _it_ eats the hot dogs…)

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