Does Dirty Pad call HP for back up?

One feature I appreciate about the Apple’s iOS is that when an application, including Apple’s own applications, crash they generate error logs of the incident. With the user’s permission these error logs are dragged, possibly kicking and screaming, back to the Apple Mothership and analyzed.

When an iOS beta comes out I do my part. I dutifully download each and every beta and do everything I do with each to make sure I trigger every possible bug. I make sure all log files make it back to the mothership.

I do this because bugs I trigger get fixed. Simple reward mechanism: you find ’em, we fix ’em. For me it’s a good deal and as I mentioned I religiously do my part of the bargain.

Now along comes the Dirty Pad.

The character Dirty Harry was pretty much on his own. So far as I can tell Dirty Pad seems to share this characteristic with his mythical inspiration.

In the past week I’ve certainly triggered many many bugs.

But so far not once has Dirty Pad asked me if it could log anything back to the HP mothership.

Either it isn’t logging anything back to HP or it’s doing it with out my knowledge.

So I submit to HP: if you aren’t logging then I’m letting you know  that if you add it you have at least one user that would religiously test and trigger bugs to keep your logs full or error reports.

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