Dirty Pad meets MoodAgent

Apparently the application to talk about this weekend is MoodAgent. A year ago MoodAgent would have been very cool on my iPad. I had 24GB of music on my iPad and there were not play lists covering all that music.

But today I’ve embraced the Cloud.

All my music is uploaded to Google Music Beta.

Every track I ever bought from iTunes (>12,000) are available via iOS 5 beta.

And I’m (quick check here…) 29 hours and 13 minutes away from having all my music uploaded to Amazon’s Cloud Drive.

I have what I call my Muse Playlist which is a collection of music I play when I’m being creative. I have this base playlist of songs on every music player I own: Kindle 3, Nook, Nook Color, Nook Simple Touch, iPod Shuffle, iPad, iPad 2, Playbook, G-Slate, Samsung Galaxy S 4G and Dirty Pad.

So imagine my surprise when I crank up MoodAgent, wait for it to sync up my onboard music and then… nothing. I fiddled for a bit and then realized MoodAgent starts with anger dialed all the way up. Anger is not part of my muse load out. I dialed down the anger to zilch and voila! Music appeared.

Essentially out of the box it comes with the controls set upside down. They’re all maxed out and they should start at minimum and allow you to push up the sliders to emphasize the mood  you are in.

In any case I now had music so I donned the Quiet Comfort 15’s and proceeded to enjoy using the most powerful Tablet in existence… as an iPod. I was tapping away in Chrome on the Mac Pro figuring/configuring my Google+ existence.

A phone call came in.

I reached over and toggled the notification tab on Dirty Pad’s exhibition screen to show me the music controls and … it was a play button??? That was when it hit me: MoodAgent isn’t using the “normal” HP Music Player. In exhibition mode, and as I found, on the lock screen, the music controls presented don’t affect MoodAgent’s play back.

Early days, early days indeed. They may call it WebOS 3.0 but as far as the Tablet experience goes it’s WebOS 0.5.

At present MoodAgent has not been upgraded to embrace the Cloud. When they release a version that does I’ll have to check this application out again. In the mean time it has been back benched.

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