Dirty Dancing with the Dirty Pad

One promised feature of the HP TouchPad I won’t be collecting $5 for is the Beats audio.

The HP TouchPad only has two speakers. I say only because a side kick of the Dirty Pad is Slate his LG G-Slate (T-Mobile) companion. The HP TouchPad has no G’s but Slate has 4 of them and is willing to share for no extra charge. So they hang out together and occasionally work together to get some useful work done for me. (note to my cardiologist, if you ever put a pace maker in me it’s going to cause a large life style change due to all the RF I live around)

Slate has three speakers. This lets him make perfect stereo whichever way you hold him, well so long as you’re holding him straight that is. If you’re so drunk you hold him at an angle you probably won’t notice the distortion in the stereo.

Through the built in speakers Dirty Pad sounds good but nothing too exciting. However, get out your Bose Quiet Comfort 15’s and not only do the snores of the alcoholic sleeping it off at the counter of the diner next to you disappear but the music _pops_ into the center of your head.

I had the good fortune to have used the HP Player (beta, and that’s beta as in beta be ware) to sync my Muse play list onto the Dirty Pad before trying this experiment. I cued up AfroJack’s _Take Over Control_ and after stuttering it’s way through the first 10 seconds Dirty Pad got it’s feet under control and I was transported to a live performance: as promised.

The sound isn’t just loud, it’s what I call razor clean. The sound is there in the center of your head as if it just appeared there. It’s loud, clear, crisp, each sound source distinctly rendered and nothing hurts e.g. your ear drums aren’t being compressed uncomfortably to beat the sound into the center of your head. The female lead can whisper in your ear about wanting you to take over control whilst someone off to one side is banging away loudly on a synthesizer.

It was a magical listening experience I hadn’t experienced since I first auditioned a set of Martin Logan planar speakers. Live music performance being rendered by technological prowess. And a glimpse of what I’d been hoping for from HP.

Now if they could fix the silly Music Player so it doesn’t stutter all the time… for a device quite a few people marvel at for “multi-tasking proficiency” it spends a lot of time tripping over it’s own feet when performing multiple tasks at the same time.

But at least it sounds good doing it. 🙂

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