Corporate IM access: finding the long end of a lever

Yes, the HP TouchPad can use ActiveSync to pick up Corporate email and shred it upon demand of the corporate masters. But many of us also use ActiveSync to pick up our MobileMe and Google Email. I don’t think of this as a “Corporate” feature myself.

Besides, all the other tablets at the diner counter support Active Sync and shred upon command as well.

A truly “Corporate” feature that would make Dirty Pad more Corporate Friendly would be access to Corporate IM e.g. Office Communicator.

Microsoft has packed Office Communicator full of Corporate friendly features such as geo tagging the users. “Yes Boss, I’m busy working on that proposal.” can come with the GPS coordinates to let Boss know you’re at Rock Bottom tilting a pint instead of at the office tilting at the proposal.

Another useful feature in Office Communicator is Live Meeting’s ability to share your computer. Share out your HP TouchPad with a colleague and you can walk through a spread sheet or word document while you are wolfing a hot dog at lunch. Those 3 am support calls for something not working can come with a shared screen to view on your Touch Pad when you roll out of bed.

Yes, there is RealVNC, well no there isn’t yet for the HP TouchPad, but let’s pretend there was. RealVNC is a separate service with it’s own infrastructure and authentication. If you tie into Office Communicator you get all the trimmings in one place with one big red button to push when you kick people out the door. And when the DOJ comes knocking with a subpoena all those Office Communicator sessions can be easily logged and stored for that day (complete with geo tagging too! 🙂 ) when the corporate ass needs to be protected from bad employees.

If you think I’m nuts, why _do_ you think Microsoft sells more licenses to Windows Mobile Phone 6 than they do to Windows Phone 7??? WMP 6 delivers the full Office Communicator package and WP7 doesn’t. If HP adds this feature to the HP TouchPad they can add it to the Pre’s as well.

HP, good business is where you find it, on the long end of a lever.

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