Can I please have a rear camera in the Beefy Pad?

This past week I’ve been reading the blog posts about the road map for the HP TouchPad. Seems Dirty Pad might be getting replaced with what I’m calling the Beefy Pad model.

So far the rumors are it will have 64GB of storage, 1.5GHz CPU’s and a white case.

I would like to take this opportunity to plead with HP for a rear facing camera. I really would like to get more work out of Dirty Pad. Right now he mostly sits around talking about my email with Slate.

If he had a rear facing camera I could get more work out of him.

First off he’d spend more time shooting white boards for me.

Now for most folks shooting a white board during a meeting is a nice-to-have kind of thing. For me it’s a bit more. In my case it’s an assistive technology because I’m legally blind and right now I haul Slate to meetings as a sort of magnifier. (note to cardiologist: no, the new heart medicine hasn’t cured my legal blindness)

I also wind up with a nice set of white board pictures documenting that part of the meeting as an added bonus.

I also wouldn’t mind using it for such tasks as scanning bar codes and taking visual notes: look this up when I get home and find out what it is.

Now that I’m blogging I wouldn’t mind putting him to work shooting pictures of things like the barrel full of cat food to add to the blog.

Please think about it HP. And if you do go for it: please spend the extra $1.98 for the model with macro focus?

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