The secret to a lever: one end is longer than the other

One thing I think HP’s TouchPad management team forgot is the secret to working with levers. For levers to be useful one end of the lever has to be further away from the fulcrum than the other end.

The best example I can give of this principal, as applied to the HP TouchPad, is the Palm Pre 3 integration features.

The HP Palm phones have all but disappeared in the market. I don’t know anyone that owns or even owned one. I suspect I could realistically push that out another degree of separation and poll my family, friends, business associates and still come up with no connections to anyone owning or having owned one.

My point isn’t to bash the Palm phones but rather that the Palm Pre 3 isn’t the long end of the lever.

The HP TouchPad was just released July 1, 2011. As expected no one was waiting in line to buy one. A week later and they are well stocked everywhere and most likely not as a result of any massive mastery of the art of logistics on HP’s part.

I submit that is not the long end of the lever either.

The point of adding features to the HP TouchPad is thus to leverage other things with massive uptake in the market to make people want to use the HP TouchPad right? It is the short end of the lever to be moved by the long end of the lever.

So why then would you put in the Palm Pre 3 integration features? Especially since they only work with the Palm Pre 3 which doesn’t even exist in the market place. And by not exist I’d mean as in the above example of how I don’t know anyone that owns one. I mean as in it hasn’t been released yet.

So imagine if instead you did add an integration feature styled after one of the Palm Pre 3 integration features? But did so to leverage something with a long lever arm.

How about instead of the HP TouchPad being a bluetooth hands free device only for a Palm Pre 3 it instead was a bluetooth hands free device via standard bluetooth protocols for any bluetooth capable cell phone in existence?

If my Dirty Pad could do this then when I have it out and my Samsung Galaxy S 4G (T-Mobile) rang I could just tap on a notification at the top of the screen and answer the call right?

If it did that I’d be using it right now.

I submit if it did that right now I wouldn’t be the only person tapping that button when it popped up.

Please let myself, and hopefully HP, know in comments if you agree with me.

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