I hold in my hands the most powerful Tablet in existence

For years people have listened to my tales, sought my advice and in return I often would get the comment “You should have your own blog”.

My health was very very bad for a very long time, a tale I will share in another blog at some point perhaps. But the reason I mention it here: there wasn’t enough gas left in the tank to blog. Surviving was my main focus at the end of the corporate day.

So I’d comment on other’s blogs. Some days more than others. Sometimes it would be weeks between comments.

I can say I have the HP TouchPad to thank for getting me into blogging. Well, the HP TouchPad and the Seattle Fire Department, my cardiologist, my Cardiology ARN, Sandy (my Diabetic consulting Nurse) and last but certainly not least: James Kendrick.

OK, well I should probably give a mention to Google+ as well. It was my most recent comment to one of James’ stream posts to Google+ that was the final spark to make me ask one more time: why aren’t you blogging?

So here I am.

So now the obvious question might be: why dirty-pad.com? Why the tag line “I hold in my hands the most powerful Tablet in existence…”?

At the risk of being sued out of existence I admit to drawing inspiration for this blog from “Dirty Harry”. The hope is I won’t be sued out of existence because this isn’t a blog about the character Dirty Harry but rather a blog inspired by the concept of an individual using the tools at hand to get through the day.

Dirty Harry had his .44 Magnum handgun and this blog will be about my tool of choice a tablet computer e.g. pad.

Harry’s tool was the most powerful production handgun in the world at that time. The HP TouchPad is the most powerful production tablet in the world at this time.

The .44 Magnum was indeed a very powerful tool but it tended to have some limitations on when and where it could be used. Limitations that Harry established his own unique set there of. The HP TouchPad itself also imposes it’s own set of limitations and the users of the devices each in and of themselves establish their own set of limitation for the HP TouchPads they chose to use.

This blog is my report into my life with my pad and starts with my experiments with the HP TouchPad.

OK, but where does Dirty Harry come into this? Well I’ve been told I have a different take on reality at times and am a bit more focused on results and might tend to “damn the consequences” a bit too much at times.

There were many explanations given to why Harry got Dirty hung to the front of his name. I suspect my first few blog entires will introduce you to why I think the name Dirty-Pad will describe my blog…

I ask that you bear with me as I get familiar with Word Press. This will very much be a work in progress and I expect this page to grow. But I had confidence enough in myself to feed and nurture it enough to be worth spending hard cash on a domain for it.

So much for the “back story” and “motivation” for the blog. Having crossed off this item off the Word Press 101 check list it’s now time to craft my first “corner stone” blog posting.

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