How do you explain the long boot on the HP TouchPad?

So I thought for my first comment specific posting I’d ask you the reader to try and best my explanation for the long boot up time on the HP TouchPad.

My explanation, and I dare you the reader to give me a better explanation below is:

The HP TouchPad is running on Windows 7 and auto starts into the WebOS emulator HP ships with their developer tools!

I think this is quite clever an explanation as it gives HP credit for allowing developers to 100% test their WebOS applications for the HP TouchPad on exactly the same emulator they used to develop them.

It also I think handily explains much of the 1 minute and 30 seconds it takes for the HP TouchPad to start up. It also possibly explains why a tablet device with no rear facing camera or 30 pin dock connector can cost $500: have to pay the Microsoft Windows tax.

Say what you want below but my explanation at least doesn’t involve hamsters on wheels or little people from China.

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