A feature I had honestly hoped for…

I’ll admit it: I’m a bit of a dreamer.

When HP bought Palm and set out to make their vision of a Tablet I secretly hoped they’d get out the HP pixie dust and make something magical to truly show they could compete with the Apple iPad.

Well the HP TouchPad has shipped for a week now and my abject disappointment at how little HP pixie dust was sprinkled on it has abated enough for me to hopefully coherently recount my secret hopes for the device.

Who knows, maybe an HP engineer will read them, convince an HP Manager “Hey, that would be a great idea!” and they’ll add it.

The main feature I wanted: HP Color Tablet Printer.

I wanted my HP TouchPad to have a button somewhere that could be pressed and the HP TouchPad would valiantly launch upon the local Wifi network and offer to all interested parties: Hey, I’m an HP TouchPad Color Printer!

In my dreams this would be one of the HP ePrinter devices and things like iPad’s could then discover it and print to it with no device drivers. My Apple Macbook Air could similarly discover it and automatically configure to print to it.

I’d then be able to print from any application on the iPad or Macbook Air and thus share documents to the HP TouchPad. I could then carry them around, view them and print them to other HP TouchPad’s or HP Printers that the TouchPad could print to.

Call me a dreamer but I figured this was a lead pipe cinch for a feature since if you’re out to school Apple in making Tablets you better lean on your core technological prowess to bring your A-Game to the competition right?

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2 Responses to A feature I had honestly hoped for…

  1. This is a really great idea! I guess HP doesn’t want this feature because no one would buy printers or ink anymore.

    • dirtypad says:

      Actually if HP were to implement this feature it would be awhile before paper went away. Nothing would make me happier than to be able to go to the court house and beam them documents off my HP TouchPad/iPad to an ePrinter portal for legal filings but that is a long way away.

      What I’d like it for is the beginning of meetings: Did everyone get the documents we’re here to discuss? No, turn on your ePrinter and I’ll send them to you.

      Sure you could invent a fancy local file sharing thingy or use Drop Box et al but nothing is as portable as printing to an ePrinter. Nothing is as secure either. Local network ePrinters don’t get the corporate security types all sweaty about storing deep corporate secrets in the cloud. You can also meet up at the local ‘Bux and a very mixed group of folks can share documents. “Hey Bill that’s a cool page can you print it to me?” Translation: I like that page but not enough to have you Twitter it to me and then keep Twittering me until I have to get a restraining order to make you go away.

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