30 years ago, a different HP mobile device

30 years ago I got my first “big” pay check. I went down to B. Dalton at The Mall and I plunked it down for the technological marvel of it’s time: the HP 11c.

In 1981 dollars that device cost more than an HP TouchPad does in 2011 dollars.

Due to it’s superior price point it’s only natural HP could afford to include things such as a set of printed manuals. It was also well tested and to this day, I still have it, that HP 11c has never crashed on me. It is solid, reliable and has run for years on a set of batteries. To me it is still one of the best mobile devices I’ve ever purchased.

So imagine my surprise when I got my Dirty Pad and it didn’t even know how to add 2 +2?

I was admittedly dreaming about the Hp Color Tablet Printer feature but come on: it had to have a calculator right?

My sugar plum dreams had been for it to have an HP 50g emulator on board. For it to have no calculator what so ever was truly a physical shock (note to my cardiologist if you are reading this: I’m fine).

Then I was using my iPad 2 and I found myself four finger swiping to uh my HP supplied HP Calculator! I had forgotten I had upgraded from the calculator Apple supplies to an app sold to me by HP itself, not some 3rd party, that is an HP 15c calculator on my iPad.

Happy days I suddenly thought!

Off to the HP Application Market to see if I had discovered a reason to enter my credit card number for the very first time!

Nope, no HP manufactured HP Calculator program to purchase as an enhancement for my HP TouchPad.

So how about it HP, can you find those capable iOS developers that made the calculators for Apple’s platform and get them to give my Dirty Pad some love? I promise I won’t be angry if I wind up retiring my 30 year old HP 11c for good because of it.

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